Deadliest Warrior's First Co-ed Matchup Revealed: Joan of Arc vs. William The Conqueror

May 20, 2011
After the long wait, here is yet another match up for Season 3 revealed: Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror.

Photo: Dante Gabriel Rossetti/Getty Images

Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France, was born in May 30th, 1412 and was one of the most formidable French powers that the British had ever known during the Hundred Years' War. Growing up as a peasant girl, at age 13 she first heard the holy voices that commanded her to save France from disintegration. At the age of 17 Joan of Arc already had command of a French Army, and drove enemy forces out during the Siege of Orléans. Her glory came to an end in 1430 when she was captured, tried, and burned at the stake by the English. Years later, central church officials declared that she was innocent and in fact a martyr, and as a result she was beatified in 1909, canonized in 1920, and became known henceforth as St. Joan of Arc. Indeed, this courageous female warrior's life was not a story, but a legend.

Photo: Danita Delimont/Getty Images

Born in 1028 in Normandy, King William I of England, also known as William the Conqueror, is known for his conquest of England and eventual rise to power. William had convinced himself that the crown of England was for the taking, and that he could successfully conquer England in a short period of time. As he strengthened Normandy's defenses and rallied 7,000 troops, in 1066 he finally conquered England in only a few months. As a result, William was the first Normand King of England and soon began to fortify his regime by building dozens of castles and spreading his royal army around the land. William's reign was so powerful it reshaped England as a whole during the Middle Ages. After a fatal horse riding injury when he was 59, William divided his succession between his three sons, Robert, William Rufus, and Henry. His youngest son, Henry, later became the famous King Henry I of England. William the Conqueror created his own royal lineage, and made sure everyone would remember his tale for years to come.

Joan of Arc and William the Conqueror join Zombies vs. Vampires as the first two officially announced matchups for Deadliest Warrior Season 3. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more matchups that we'll begin announcing on Tuesday, May 24th. In the meantime let us know who you think would walk out a winner - Joan or William?