NHL Player Unaffected After Being Hit by Speeding Truck

December 8, 2009

Say what you will about low attendance, pint-sized commissioners, and mandatory hazmat suits required to enter the Slovakian national team’s locker room, but there's no denying that in spite of hockey's recent misfortunes, their players remain the absolute toughest people on the planet (and rival only the WNBA rosters for “manliest athletes” alive). Just ask Brendan Witt - who is now officially tougher than a speeding SUV.

Earlier today, the 34-year-old New York Islanders defenseman was crossing a residential street to get a cup of coffee when he was struck by a GMC Yukon in the middle of the road and sent flying to the ground.

As onlookers frantically called for medical assistance, Witt rose to his feet, unharmed, and assured everyone that he was all right.

"I'm okay," he told the crowd while dusting himself off, according to Newsday. "I've got to go play some hockey. I'm a hockey player. I'm okay. No big deal."

Let’s put this into perspective. This is a 6,000-pound automobile hitting a human being at a speed that was severe enough to give the driver (not a hockey player) whiplash.

One observer claimed “it was like seeing Clint Eastwood, but in hockey."

The NBA may be “Where Amazing Happens,” but players in the NHL are just plain amazing.

Witt did, however, claim to be “a little sore” while he drove himself to practice directly after crash.

Source: Photograpaher's Choice/Getty Images