Real Life Halo Warthog Road Test

February 4, 2009

Xbox bloggernaut Alistair Wallis was given the opportunity of a fanboy’s lifetime recently when he was offered a chance to fly to New Zealand to do a road test of the warthog that Peter Jackson designed for the Halo movie before it got tossed in the circular file cabinet.  This is his story.

First of all, he doesn’t have a driver's license because he is based in Australia, and apparently they have public transportation that works.  That, however, did not stop him from flying to New Zealand and Peter Jackson’s secret mystery prop shop to drive a non-street legal, full-scale reproduction of the Warthog.  Which, as you can see, is astonishingly real.


The vehicle was designed and engineered by Peter Osboren who said he wished it had a little more power:

"The motor’s a six-cylinder diesel automatic, full four-wheel drive. Then we stuck a turbo on it,” Osborne says with a grin. “I was pushing for a V8, but I got overruled on that one. They said it might be overkill.”

He says "overkill" like it’s a bad thing.  Weird. Head to the Xbox blog for the full story and more pics. 


Source: Xbox Official Blog