Tiger Woods Welcomes New Neighbors by Nailing Their Daughter

April 7, 2010

After running out of porn stars and recently paroled strippers to cheat on his wife with, Tiger Woods reportedly decided to take a run at his neighbors’ 21-year-old daughter. (Spoiler Alert: He totally hit that.)

Golf’s most notable lothario allegedly slept with the barely legal college student on his family’s couch while his newborn son slept in a crib nearby.

You know, if marriage vows and “avoiding hell” aren’t going to keep you from committing adultery with a stable of aspiring Soap Opera extras, why let a sleeping child get in the way?

Honestly, it’s tough to keep track of how many mistresses Woods has collected, but I believe this marks the first woman he’s romanced with at least two years of community college under her belt.

(In case you want to see what she looks like, click here.)

Photo: Timothy A. Clary/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images