Mac|Life 3-Screen Concept Melts Brains

December 11, 2008

The Mac triBook (you know it’s cool because of the funky capitalizations) is a concept rendering which would use Mac’s new brick technology to forge a notebook that unfolds to give users more screen real estate then they would otherwise have with a desktop. 

Also radically redesigned is the extra-wide touchpad.  That seems like the worst idea in history unless you’re the only human on Earth that actually types with the balls of their hands not resting exactly where the super wide touchpad would be.  But that's also easy to get rid of, thankfully. 

The triBook’s radical design seems completely counter to Mac’s conservative design history, but I can definitely see a smaller company like Acer running with this.  Plus, there’s something appealing about the task management possiblities for three screens.  Left: word processing.  Middle: web browsing (for work).  Right: chat and porn.  It’s a simple equation.