Mariah Carey Surprisingly Cool About Illegal Downloads

November 16, 2009

Mariah Carey has apparently embraced the future and is now really pissed at the record execs who failed to apply the potential of the internet for downloading music.

Carey recently went off on these executives on their lack of vision regarding the future of music on the internet and even got nasty by calling them ”frickin’ idiots.”

Carey said, “A lot of big, powerful music industry executives made a giant mistake and now we’re all paying the price. They gave the music business away on the internet. If they had just sat back and said, ‘Maybe let’s figure this internet thing out, it could be something cool,’ we could have found a way to distribute music online on our own terms, not somebody else’s.”

Carey then went on to praise Prince, saying that "Prince had already shown them the way. He was so far ahead of the curve, putting his records out on the web. Everyone else was stupid."

Hot damn, Mariah! There is some truth to what she is saying here, but it sounds like mama is just a little pissed that her records aren’t selling like they use to. This outcry would have made more of an impact if she had done it back in 2000 during the Metallica vs. Napster drama. I find it funny that spoiled artists from years past only get frustrated at the Internet when they can’t use it their advantage.

Source: Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images