Twilight to win again?? :S

October 13, 2010

right guys, well Ive been on this since last year so I could vote for the scream awards but to be honest Ive never really used to be this so I just decided that it's about time that I did.

Well what really is bugging me right at his moment is, Twilight!, I have nothing against it tbh, i'll be honest there, but uhm seriously Scream awards!, WTF!, it seems to get nominated for fucking everything!, when in actual fact I dont thin it really fits in with it. (that might just be me), there are so many better films out there such Inceptiom, Alice in Wonderland, kick ass, harry potter etc and yes most of these are nominated this year ( i hope to god one of the wins!!), but well we all kinda know that Tqilight seems to have a huge fucking chance of winning, it does in everything it gets nominated for! and in all honesty is pisses me off. Now before anyone goes dissing me, I like twilight. Lets just state that right now, but im not some crazy obsessed fan who can't tell the freaking difference between fiction and reality. and not to mention state the difference between a good film and a relvantly alright one.

I just hope the better films this year are done justice by getting the awards they deserve much more, *cough, inception, kick - ass, toy story 3 cough* lol. But does anybody agree with me, that Twilight should be knocked down just a little?? :/ xxx