When Stripping is an Art

July 28, 2008


If you’re planning a bachelor night in Iowa and want to take your soon-to-be married buddy to an all-nude strip club then you better pretend you like art. The Hawkeye State doesn’t have a single all-nude strip club; instead a loophole in the state’s public indecent exposure laws makes it legal to have nude dancing at “art centers.” Now this loophole and the art of naked dancing are under threat after an “art center” called Shotgun Geniez in southeast Iowa was taken to court.

According to the Associated Press, the problem arose in Fremont County after the 17-year-old niece of the town’s Sheriff “climbed up on stage at Shotgun Geniez in Hamburg and stripped off her clothing.” The owner Clarence Judy was subsequently charged with violating Iowa's public indecent exposure law, mainly because the girl was underage. The “art center” bans anyone under age 18 and Judy believes the 17 year old was “snuck in.”

Judy lawyer Michael Murphy thinks the town is trying to censor art. He told the AP that “dance has been considered one of the arts, as is sculpture, painting and anything else like that. What Clarence has is a club where people can come and perform."

From the video below it’s obvious that this is more a strip club than an art center. Though to be fair the “the club has a gallery selling collectible posters and other art, and it provides patrons with sketch pads.” Hmmm sketch pads? Now that’s a sketchy paper thin argument.

I’m guessing they don’t sell a lot of art either.