Mantenna - Wednesday, October 1

October 1, 2008

It's been a busy day, but luckily the Mantenna is here to help you wade through the garbage and find the news you can use. In today's installment, find out why Heather Locklear was released by police after her arrest, what's happening with Kurt Cobain's ashes and why Pauly Shore is a dirty, dirty man.

Heather Locklear Was Set Up

There is speculation that Heather Locklear was not intoxicated when she was pulled over by police, but rather framed. Locklear was arrested over the weekend for DUI, however she was quickly released after her blood alcohol level was tested at well below 0.08.  TMZ is reporting that Locklear was set-up by a disgruntled former Us Magazine employee, Jill Ishkanian. Ishkanian recently left the magazine with the names and addresses of many celebrities. According to TMZ, Ishkanian  followed Locklear to a market, then phoned 911 and subsequently called a paparazzi friend to cover the “arrest.” The mystery now is why did Locklear look so out of it in her mug shot? [TMZ]

Pauly Shore is Dirty

Pauly Shore really doesn’t have any class. He was recently photographed getting it on with a stripper-like chick in a Jacuzzi. The photographs are almost like a sex tape, but not quite. Which just makes it really, really sad. What's even sadder is that this is the best thing Pauly's created in pretty much his entire career. [The Dirty]

Phish Reuniting For 2009 Shows


After splitting in 2004, jam band dudes Phish are reforming next March for a three-night run at the Hampton Coliseum in Hampton, Virginia. The March 6-8 shows will be the famed band's first official live performance since their blowout farewell gigs in Coventry, Vermont more than four years ago. According to the band's website, there will be additional touring activity from guitarist/vocalist Trey Anastasio, bassist Mike Gordon, keyboardist Page McConnell and drummer Jon Fishman throughout 2009. [MTV]

Nirvana's Kurt Cobain's Ashes 'To Be Smoked In Spliff'

Australian artist Natascha Stellmach is claiming that she plans to smoke the ashes of late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain as part of an art exhibition. Okay. Kurt Cobain's ashes were stolen from Courtney Love in May. In a statement, Stellmach claimed she had "acquired" the ashes, and would smoke them as part of the Set Me Free exhibition at Berlin's Wagner + Partner gallery. The smoking of the ashes will take place at what is being billed as the "final act" of the exhibition, which will come to an end on October 11. [Buzznet]

Quantum Photos Released


New photos of the upcoming Bond film Quantum Of Solace have been released, giving us another sneak-peek into what could be the best film of the fall line-up. Take a look and keep counting the days before Quantum opens. []

If All Movies Had Cell Phones

Ever watch an old movie and marvel at how many predicaments could be easily solved if only the protagonist had a cell phone?  Well, College Humor has, and they've just made your favorite films a whole lot shorter. [College Humor]

Swank Stars in Betty Anne

Hilary Swank is lined up to star in the legal drama Betty Anne. Eponymously titled after the woman whose life the film is based on, Betty Anne is about a woman whose brother was framed and imprisoned. While raising her children and working as a waitress, the high school drop-out worked through college and law school and eventually helped free her brother in 2001. [Variety]

Jack Black as Bourne

Jack Black is working with the writers of Kung-Fu Panda to star in some kind of parody of The Bourne Identity films. Black will play some kind of spy with unparalleled abilities. The project hasn’t yet been titled, but I think we can all start praying that this one doesn't include any singing. [Collider]

Google Goes Back in Time


Google’s celebrating its 10th birthday, and in a typically self-deprecating gesture Google has allowed access to a stoneage version of itself from 2001. Adorable!  Run a few searches and giggle with delight.  YouTube = no results.  Facebook = no results.  MySpace does turn up, but the social networking site loses out to the oh-so-classy in the top slot. [Google]

Nintendo Wii Arrives at Marriott Hotels

Six Marriott and/or Rennaissance hotels in the Northeast have added Wii service to their rooms.  The console is already in-room, and there is an on-demand library of over 20 available titles.  Like most on-demand things in a hotel room, we’re betting it’ll cost you.  But it’s probably cheaper than having your Wii crushed by baggage handlers. [Kotaku]

100th Anniversary of the Model T


Today marks the 100th anniversay of the Ford Model T, the car that changed everything, combining the then-rare attributes of reliability, ruggedness, utility and economy into an all-in-one machine that was eminently affordable. TIME takes a look at what the Model T brought to the table that made it so viable a century ago, and how those lessons are still relevant in automotive engineering today. [TIME]