LoveTrainer Headphones Coach You Through Sex

January 28, 2009

These are headphones that you and your paramour wear.  You wear them at the same time, in bed, when you’re wearing little else.  And, as you’re exploring the countours of each other’s sexuality, you’ll hear a robot scream in your ear, “The foreplay will now begin!”  Just in case you were wondering, these are hilarious.

Other key phrases that LoveTrainer designed to gently guide you to a soaring orgasm: “Please confirm the heart rate sensor,” “You are making love at a very good pace,” and “Well done, let’s make love more regularly.” 

Can’t you just picture it? Coming home from a nice night out with a girl, you make your way into the bedroom, things start getting hot and heave and then…WAIT.  Nope, sorry honey, my Bluetooth love coach’s lithium ion battery needs to be recharged.  Wanna watch an episode of Frasier? I have season 3 on DVD! 

Souce: LoveTrainer