5 Lovely Ladies Spill Their Guts And Their Ink To Tell Us About “My First Time”

August 21, 2013
If we've learned anything from Tattoo Nightmares and Ink Master, it's that every tattoo has a story. That's especially true of your very first time in the chair.

Recently, Spike.com met five ladies who were kind enough to share their stories, bare all, and tell us about My First Time.


Amber told her mother she had to run somewhere with a friend and would meet her at church. Her Mom knew something was up, and when she showed up in the Lord's house with fresh ink, she paid for it. But does she have any regrets?


Nina Kate is one of many interesting characters you'll come across if you ever find yourself in the London borough of Camden. While other little girls idolized Disney princesses and movie stars, Nina Kate was obsessed with a wild-haired punk girl covered in ink. She'd follow her around the store, and when she turned 16, her mother took her for her first tattoo. Now that she's all inked out herself, is there anywhere she won't get work done?


Lexi grew up always wanting to get tattoos. She has a lot of complicated pieces on her body now, but her first was a very simple tribute to a very important person in her life.


Some people get tattoos to fit in, others get them to pay tribute to loved ones. Paulina got her tattoo because she was cranky, bored, and didn't want to go to Disney Land. Who can blame her? She also has some really great advice for somebody looking to get a tattoo.


Most 15-year-olds get a shocked and angry response when they ask their parents if they can get a tattoo. Keisha's parents actually said yes, as long as she did her homework - literally. After she submitted a one-page report to them, they gave her the okay. But things didn't quite turn out as planned.