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Monster Blog: I'm Supposed To Be The Crazy One

by spike.com   October 21, 2009 at 1:55PM  |  Views: 120

Hey everyone, it’s your favorite monster coming to you after the happenings at Bound for Glory.

I was victorious in my match with Mick!!! What a great night, but very painful as well. Mick and I fought as hard as two men can fight and there was plenty of carnage throughout the match.  I sustained a few injuries and bad cuts from that barbwire.  It was an emotional night and one I will never forget. Wrestling a legend that I’ve always admired and respected, and then getting the win was emotional and exciting.  We took each other to the limit of hardcore wrestling.  I have a lot of respect for Mick and it was indeed an honor to work with him. The Bound for Glory weekend was a huge success. The fans of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas were fantastic and we all had a ton of fun.
Hey did you all see the Balloon Boy escapades from this past week??  Wow it was a wild story. All that time and they thought there was a little boy on board only to find out that he was at home hiding in his attic. And then the story gets even better when the child reveals to authorities that the dad of the child set up the whole thing for a reality show possibility.  Hey folks, aren’t I supposed to be the crazy one??? Aren’t I supposed to be the one who needs psychiatric attention???  This guy needs a lot of attention it seems. I might put him in touch with some of my old doctors who did a great job with me. Or even better yet, why don’t I hook him up with Dr. Stevie??? I wouldn’t wish that on anybody.
Brett Favre is 40 years old and the Minnesota Viking are 6 - 0. That’s awesome. Who would ever have thought that a 40 year old man could lead a team to greatness while in the golden years of his career. Let that be an inspiration to you all. You can do whatever you want no matter what, as long as you are determined and aggressive. Hey I wonder if I could come out of retirement too and be the quarterback???  Maybe I’m better off sticking to wrestling and carnage with my tacks and barbwire, huh???
Hey everyone, I will be in Clovis, New Mexico and Loveland, Colorado on Halloween weekend coming up. I’ve never been to New Mexico but I am excited to see all of our TNA fans there live at the shows. It’s Halloween so I am hoping you all come to the show dressed as your favorite character in TNA.  Should be a great weekend of TNA action.  I wonder who I am going to dress up as for Halloween this year??? Huh, good question. I’ll let you all know soon.
Well everyone that is all for this week. I will talk to you all again next week right here. I’m going to go and clean out my wounds and cuts right now.  Take care. Bye bye!


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