Nightmare Roommates

June 11, 2012

Moving in with six total strangers may look like a lot of fun when it's happening on MTV's "The Real World." The worst you can usually expect on that show is for a fight to break out, or a roommate to stumble in drunk in the middle of the night. But to date, no one has been tortured.

In a disturbing story out of Iowa, though, that's exactly what happened to 41-year old Thomas Chapman. According to Deseret News, six roommates forced their newest roommate, Chapman, into the basement at gunpoint, bound his feet, and subjected him to seven hours of brutal torture. This because they thought he had something to do with another roommate getting held at gunpoint several times earlier in the week.

The six, and it is believed they were all involved in the abuse, stapled his lips together and beat him with a variety of blunt objects. He was further cut from head to toe and had staples embedded in his chest. He wasn't let go until he begged for mercy and gave the name of the person involved in the gun incidents. Chapman said he was trying to say anything to get free of them and regain control of the situation.

He had recently become their roommate after making an agreement that he would remodel the bathroom in exchange for free rent. Now, he found himself at 4 am wearing nothing but his underwear and a handcuff attacked to one wrist. While Chapman said he considered taking matters into his own hands, he instead called the authorities and had the six arrested and now face several charges including kidnapping, assault and obstruction of justice.

Chapman, who was admitted to the hospital in critical condition, was lucky to get out of this situation alive. You never can tell who's behind the door of a home, and what they might be capable of. Good thing we have Todd Howard and his team, ready and willing to face the World's Worst Tenants, premiering Tuesday, June 12 at 10:00 PM, ET/PT.

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