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The Top 10 Cars for the Apocalypse

by bradiger   October 15, 2008 at 5:25PM  |  Views: 8,061

People have been saying it for years, but now more than ever, it seems painstakingly obvious that the end is nigh. And you’ve got to be prepared! Forget the bottled water, the radio (zombies will take over the airwaves anyway) and focus on the real essentials. You need a set of wheels that is badass incarnate. You need the top ten cars for the apocalypse.


Talk about taking some initiative: this guy had the foresight to just skip raiding what’ll be left of military bases in the post-apocalypse and simply hand-built his own tank.

The diesel motor powering this bad boy ensures some reasonably reliable motivation, while the pneumatic paint ball canon could easily be retro-filled for use as a flame thrower or napalm launcher of some sort. This is the kind of guy you on your side when the chips are down.

9. ZIL Screw Drive


Simply put, when it came to off-roading, Soviet Russia did not dick around. The ZIL 29061, also known as the Screw Drive, was a prototype from the Cold War era designed to deal with the vast expanses of inhospitable terrain across the U.S.S.R.

You know what’s worse than getting ran over by a tank? Getting ran over by a drill tank.

8. DAF Turbo Twin


If you find yourself in need of something to outrun a horde of mutants (or anything else, really), here’s your ticket. Designed to complete in the 1988 Paris-Dakar Rally, the DAF features not one, but two 11.6 liter diesel engines, putting out 1200hp and almost 3500 ft-lbs of torque. EACH.

2400hp and 7000 pounds of torque will get you to this truck’s top speed of 150mph in hurry, and it’s going to take something pretty serious to bring this puppy back down. 

7. The Landmaster


Constructed for the 1977 Sci-fi flick, Damnation Alley, the Landmaster cost about $1,200,000 (in 2008 bucks) to build. Fully amphibious, this 12-wheeled monster was no typical movie prop. Popular Science said this of the Landmaster:

Three independent drive sources running from a gasoline power plant. Uses semi truck parts in the drive train. Can operate with the front or rear wheel trinary out of commission. Side and top hatches on the main unit and rear and top on the after section. Full running lights and brake lights for urban street use. External video camera is mounted on the forward pylon located just behind the front top hatch. Could also house the antenna. All pylons are hardened and armored. Can operate in water and will remain sealed when fully submerged. Can float while half full of water.

That'll work.

6. The Dreadnaught from Death Race


While this might not technically be a real vehicle, the design seems pretty straight forward. Take a tanker truck, armor the living hell out of it, and put 50 caliber machine guns and missiles where the storage would normally be.

It may lack the versatility of the Landmaster and the maneuverability of the ZIL, but when it comes to flat out assault, looks like this would definitely get the job done.