Man Up With Craig Carton

April 15, 2010

Don't you hate being "that guy"? You know the guy we're talking about. That guy who hasn't seen The Hangover yet? That guy who doesn't even know who Zoe Saldana is?

That guy who missed the Masters because he was out shopping for patio furniture with his mommy? Don't be "that guy" - instead tune in to Spike every Thursday at midnight for the Weekend Pregame with Craig Carton. The King of the sports radio rant is your source for everything you missed this week and everything you don't want to miss this weekend and beyond. Sports, Movies, TV, Viral Videos, Hot Chicks, Pop Culture. He covers it all in the most in-your-face funny time on TV.

This week Craig talks Tiger, Conan, Megan Fox, plus a s***load more, including news on the premiere of the second season of Deadliest Warrior and the loudest interview of all time with TNA Wrestling superstar Mr........Anderson! (wait for it) Anderson!

C'mon, what else are you doing Thursday at midnight? Exactly. So come get some on the Weekend Pregame with Craig Carton only on Spike!


Source: Spike TV