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Cops O: Be Careful What You Ask For
Cops O: Pass the Rock
Cops O: Dealt a Bad Hand
Cops O: Facebook Fury
Cops O: Bad Business
Cops O: I Used My Brain
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Superman, Bank Robber, and Everything in Between: Ben Affleck’s Most Memorable Roles

by Kevin Marshall   May 02, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 3,591

Every year, Guys Choice honors a man who personifies what it means to be a guy's guy with the Guy of the Year award. We're talking someone who didn't just have a good year, but set a high standard for manchievement. Past honorees include the biggest names in Hollywood: Mark Walhberg, George Clooney, Mickey Rourke, and Matt Damon.

This year, Guy of the Year goes to award-winning writer, director, and actor Ben Affleck.

Affleck kick-started his career alongside fellow Guy of the Year honoree Matt Damon when they co-wrote and co-starred in the classic 1997 film "Good Will Hunting." After winning the Oscar for Best Screenplay, Ben went on to become the biggest names in the business.

During that time he's played every type of guy we aspire to be, and some types that we try to avoid. Let's take a look at the roles of Ben Affleck.

As Chuckie Sullivan in "Good Will Hunting"

As we mentioned, this was Affleck's arrival in Hollywood as a writer and actor in support of co-writer Matt Damon. He played a solid dude who always had his friends back, even if his friend kept going on about classic literature and mathematics and other stuff that went way over his head.

As Doug MacRay in "The Town"

In his second directorial feature, Affleck starred as a professional bank robber falling for the manager of a bank he previously robbed, all while also planning his next heist. Oh, and he had Don Draper gunning for him and an insane Jeremy Renner to deal with. Talk about keeping it together under pressure.

As Holden McNeil in "Chasing Amy"

In what's probably Kevin Smith's best film, Affleck played a struggling comic book artist who falls in love only to find out the target of his affection plays for the other team. Tough break.

As George Reeves in "Hollywoodland"

Affleck was perfectly cast as the actor that portrayed "Superman" in the television series. The film is about the investigation into his death, but Affleck steals the show and is perfectly cast here.

As Tony Mendez in "Argo"

Affleck was rightly awarded for his directorial efforts here, but his portrayal as Tony Mendez also deserves special attention. Faking a sci-fi movie to rescue hostages? That's some real player s*** right there. And so is winning the Oscar for Best Picture in only your third film as a director. Damn.

As Ned Alleyn in "Shakespeare in Love"

In this loaded cast, Affleck still somehow managed to stand out as Ned Alleyn, an actor (what a stretch, right?) and actual historical figure in Victorian theater.

As Fred O'Bannion in "Dazed and Confused"

Before he blew up with "Good Will Hunting," Affleck was one of a number of future stars in this cult classic. In it he played a football player who was flunking out and looking at repeating his senior year of High School. Which the author would like to note is nothing to be ashamed of because sometimes we just gotta go at our own pace...right? Right.

As Jim Young in "Boiler Room"
His turn as the greasy, thoroughly unlikable executive at a morally bankrupt brokerage firm had us clenching our fists and gritting our teeth. We know way too many Jim Youngs, and he played it just a little too well.

As Congressman Stephen Collins in "State of Play"
Adapted from a BBC miniseries, Affleck played a Congressman who may have been involved in a cover-up that's being uncovered by his once friend and college roommate, journalist Cal McAffrey (played by Russell Crowe). Nobody likes a snitch, McAffrey.

As Bartleby in "Dogma"
For as many different roles as Affleck has played throughout his career, this one was still unique: an angel banished from Heaven who, along with his companion Loki (Matt Damon), finds a loophole in Catholic dogma that may allow him back in.

As A.J. Frost in "Armageddon"
Frost is the ultimate Hollywood hero, a blue collar everyman with a hot girlfriend who is given the responsibility of blowing up an asteroid and saving the world. You know, small-time stuff.

This isn't the first Guys Choice Award Ben has won, check out his Troops Choice Award:

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