Miniature Spy Copter for Soldiers and Pranksters

May 7, 2009

The Black Hornet remote control helicopter is smaller, more maneuverable, and better equipped to take pictures than any RC helicopter up to this point.

Developed by Prox Dynamics, this RC helicopter wasn’t developed for fun-loving recreational pranksters like myself so much as it was for urban warfare specialists trying to establish “situational awareness.”  The idea is that you fly the ‘copter into a room before you go busting in with your gun to make sure it’s not an ambush. 

It weighs only half a gram and is equipped with a digital camera for super-secret spying.  It’s got 4-inch carbon fiber rotors and can travel at an astonishing 20 miles per hour.  It’s not available for purchase yet, but when it is, you’ll be able to buy them in 3-packs

Source: Daily Mail