Chuck Liddell Talks Retirement

August 13, 2009

Chuck Liddell has lost four out of his last five fights and all signs have been pointing to retirement, but in a recent, exclusive interview with AOL FanHouse, the "Iceman" suggested he may not be ready for sandals and shuffleboard just yet.

Despite widespread speculation and a few suggestions from UFC Prez Dana White, Liddell just might have a few fights left. Check out some interesting things he had to say to Michael David Smith about the possibility of returning to the Octagon:

Retirement is one of the toughest decisions an athlete will ever have to make. Every great champion thinks he has one good one left. It's what makes them great. But in one of the world's cruelest paradoxes, it's also what ruins them. Too often an athlete's pride can get in the way of their sensibility and they become a victim of their own drive. Bret Favre, Pedro Martinez, Muhammad Ali...the list goes on.

Of course this isn't always the case. Some athletes go on and on, never fading. Mark Coleman, for example, seems to have hit the wall and ran straight through it. But there are only an elite few who can pull it off and it ends up being those who recognize that their aging bodies are presenting new challenges. Accuracy must replace speed. Technique must replace power.

It's tough to teach an old God new tricks, they'll say, but according to the interview, Liddell understands that he's got some things to change. "Things were hurting me that didn't used to hurt me," he said.

Should he return to the cage, it won't be without harsh speculation, but the least we can do is give the man the benefit of the doubt.

Source: AOL FanHouse