Geraldo Calls Out Michael Jackson's Fair-Weathered Friends

July 8, 2009

While every single news outlet on the planet sucked up to so-called friends of Michael Jackson at his Memorial yesterday, Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera surprisingly decided to speak his mind and tell it like it is.
During his coverage of the MJ memorial yesterday, Rivera went off on celebrities who have come out of the woodwork claiming to be Jackson’s friend, but were nowhere to be found during his court drama back in 2005.

Geraldo started things off by saying that “Ninety-nine percent of the celebrities who came to the memorial did not stand anywhere near Michael Jackson during the years he was accused of those horrible crimes, and they didn't say, 'We believe him innocent, they didn't say let the case go where it may, let the facts prove innocence or guilt.' They just disappeared,” he said, “and now they have resurfaced to celebrate his life.”

"That is entirely fitting I'm sure," Rivera stated, "but I personally can't get over the memory of 2005 when Michael Jackson stood essentially alone and accused and convicted in the minds of many of the most perverse crime."

I can’t believe that I agree with a guy who has wasted everyone's time for decades. Thanks, Geraldo.

Source: Paul Morig/Getty Images