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The Top 10 Best Bar Pickup Lines

by davidbreitman   September 25, 2009 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 4,494

Women can be a lot like desk lamps. Not terribly bright, cost a little more than you think, and always about one or two steps away from your bed if you set it up right. But unlike standard lighting fixtures, most women don't come with a manual that shows you how to turn them on... until now. Enjoy some of the world's best pick-up lines, sure to get any girl with a sense of humor and some level of literacy interested in you...

Source: Dan Dalton/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

10. You know, if you lost 25 pounds you'd be really beautiful.


Source: Peter Cade/Iconica/Getty Images

Not only do girls love to be challenged, but self-improvement is a huge part of every young woman's life. This line also let's her know that you value goal-oriented women that aren't afraid to throw up after a nice dinner.

9. I was kind of hoping for your sister, but I guess you'll do.


Source: Brad Wilson/Stone/Getty Images

Family is important to women, so paying her sibling a compliment is a great way to open up the conversation. Plus if you ever get married, her parents will be able to talk about the adorable way you tried to nail their other daughter at a TGI Friday's Happy Hour during their wedding toast.

8. Would you believe me if I told you I had over 6,000 Star Wars Figurines in my apartment?


Source: Allison Leach/Taxi/Getty Images

If there's one thing an attractive girl loves (besides money, gifts paid for with money, and guys with lots of money), it's a sloppily drunk science nerd that spends his time collecting plastic dolls from movies made 22 years before she dropped out of community college to become an actress. Just be sure to avoid keeping Darth Vader on the night stand - it's tough to perform with the Dark Lord watching you struggle to undo her bra.

7. I have a condom that's about to expire and I'd really hate to lose the 87 cents.


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This shows girls that not only do you care about safe sex, but that you're financially responsible. This is the type of line that could work on a young lady that you wouldn't be ashamed to have at a poker game - provided she made the nachos, kept her mouth shut all night, and cleaned up afterwards.

6. Do you think you could put in a good word for me with your much more attractive friend?


Source: Ozols & McCaul/Iconica/Getty Images

Women are always complaining that their boyfriends don't take an active interest in their friends. So, why not make a point to show her you're willing to take time out of your busy day to stare at her co-worker's cleavage or get drunk off wine coolers with her old sorority sister?