Mantenna - Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown?

August 30, 2011
Americans would rather text than talk, friends of Tupac admit to smoking his ashes, and Lindsay Lohan hits up Chris Brown…the Mantenna is shaken not stirred!

Lindsay Lohan and Chris Brown?

Photo: Alo Ceballos/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Does Lindsay Lohan have a crush on Chris Brown? The troubled actress has set tongues wagging by publicly flirting with the bad boy singer over Twitter. The 25-year-old out-of-work actress tweeted Brown during the MTV Video Music Awards. Lohan tweeted, “@ChrisBrown killed it” after Brown performed his impressive, aerial dance-a-thon at the VMAs. Brown retweeted the tweet and Lohan took this as a sign of affection. The next day she tweeted Brown again, saying, “Wanna meet?” Brown did not publicly respond. Lindsay and Chris and have plenty of things in common. Both have troubled pasts and both are looking for redemption and a clean start. These two might just be made for each other. [Us Weekly]

Americans Would Rather Text than Talk

Americans are texting more and talking less on their cell phones. According to J.D. Power and Associates’ 2011 Wireless Network Quality Performance Study the amount of time people spend talking on their cell phones has dropped 77 minutes to 450 minutes per month from 527 minutes in 2009. Not surprisingly, text messaging has increased over the same period. According to the study the average U.S. customer sends and receives an average of almost 600 texts per month. Teenagers are the most fanatical texters, sending on average 3,339 text messages per month. Part of the reason for the drop in talk time and rise in texting is unreliable service. J.D. Powers says bad reception and dropped calls are pushing people to text messaging as a more dependable form of communication. [PC World]

Friends of Tupac Admit to Smoking his Ashes

Photo: Scott Gries/Getty Images Entertainment

According to a video obtained by TMZ, members of the Tupac Shakur-founded rap crew The Outlawz openly admitted that they literally rolled up a fatty that included the ashes of their fallen homie Tupac and puffed it following a small funeral ceremony with friends and family at an unknown beach. In the new video, Outlawz members E.D.I. Mean, and Young Noble Hussein Fatal said, "Yeah, it's definitely true," claiming it all went down at a beach memorial for Pac -- and his mom was present at the time.” Based on Pac’s lyrics "Last wishes n**gas, smoke my ashes," the crew thought it was only the right thing to do after his untimely passing in 1996. "We twist up some of that great-granddaddy California kush ...and mixed the big homie with it ... so you know, [Tupac is] flowin' through our system." So dope. Literally. [TMZ]

Daryl Hannah Arrested at White House

You’re reading that right, people. Actress-turned-activist Daryl Hannah was handcuffed and taken into custody earlier today in front of the White House. According to reports, Daryl Hannah was protesting against the Keystone XL oil pipeline and after she refused three requests to leave the premises by police, she was arrested with an estimated 100 others. "Sometimes it's necessary to sacrifice your freedom for a greater freedom," Hannah stated right before her arrest. "And we want to be free from the horrible death and destruction that fossil fuels cause, and have a clean energy future." Hannah was there to help push back on the Keystone pipeline that will stretch from Canada to the Gulf. Personally, we liked her better in Blade Runner. [NBC]