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Jail: Las Vegas

The Deluxe Discoveries Of Denver

by AaronAhmadi   August 26, 2012 at 1:30AM  |  Views: 8,895
With famous sports teams and a breathtaking landscape, Denver just had to be on the Auction Hunters' list soon enough – and so this week they finally hit the grand city looking for some fine antique items. The Mile-High City gets chilly, which means the locals can get even colder, so did Ton and Allen emerge victorious? Get the full scoop on this adventure:


Ton and Allen couldn't even count the number of stink eyes they were getting from the crowd at the local auction in Denver. Luckily, they came prepared with some mean mugs of their own to show everyone they were serious. Things got expensive in a hurry with a huge crowd like this and since there were only 4 units up for auction, so the Auction Hunters ended up spending $1,175 on two storage units.


Sold For: $5,200

After skating past the competition, Ton and Allen rummaged through their first unit and fished out perhaps one of the biggest discoveries they've ever made in a storage unit to date: a Zamboni. Todd, a rink supervisor, was the fellow they decided to meet up with, as he had the info on this beastly machine. From the mid-60s, this motorized ice-shaver/layer (not a legit technical term by the way) fetched the Auction Hunters $5,200 in ice cold cash – right after Ton gave it a little gas of course. Ahh, nothing like that first fresh sheet of ice on a rink.


Sold For: $2,500

Cracking open the "Tools" Unit, the boys found some old books and axes, but what they really wanted to open was a long, old case. This case held an absolute beauty in it: an Anschütz biathlon rifle that could both deliver a huge shot, and potentially, a huge payload for our heroes. A little lock-and-loading later, Ton, Allen, and their Biathlon Champion friend John, were able to settle on $2,500 for the rifle.

Ton and Allen's trip to Denver was not just great, it was straight bananas: spending $1,175 on two storage units, the Auction Hunters sold the contents inside for $8,025 and scooped up $6,850 in profit. With such an awesome adventure, you gotta cross your fingers for a Denver: Part II to happen!

Will seeing Mr. Ton Jones riding a Zamboni in Denver make your day? You betcha. Check out this week's latest episode, "Ice, Ice, Baby", now available on Spike.com. Of course, head on over to the Auction Hunters Facebook page to get the latest scoop on the show, and make sure to tune in to all-new episodes featuring Ton and Allen airing Wednesdays at 10/9c on SPIKE.