Hugh Hefner Gets Back at Bailed Bride with New Playboy Cover

June 17, 2011
Every guy who's been burned by a girl might be civil about it on the outside, but on the inside, they are a raging volcano of emotions. Their testosterone instinctively rushes to the brain to prevent any sort of wimpy tears from developing and subsequently forces the mind to concoct all sorts of twisted, yet tasty forms of revenge that if repeated here would get us on some kind of federal coalition against crime's watch list. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner got his heart broken by another beauty and he enacted his revenge the way every jilted guy would: with naked pictures of her.

Crystal Harris, the future Mrs. Hefner, called off her wedding just days before the ceremony and her cover spread in this July's issue hit the stands. Hefner didn't cut her out of the magazine the way an angry ex-boyfriend might have done to a former lover. Instead, Hef slapped a big "Scarlet Letter-esque" sticker on her cover and dubbed it the "Runaway Bride" issue.

And if that sounds a little petty, further details about the break-up reveal that the so-called "princess" was actually cheating on Hef with Dr. Phil's son and planned to ditch the old man for a six-figure media deal. It sounds like the person who should have done the running away was the groom.

Source: Splash/Playboy