Five Ways The Vita Will Change How You Game On The Go

February 15, 2012

A new portable console in today's market is a very tricky proposition. With entertaining iPhone and Android apps on the rise, gamers have come to expect cheap games on the go. However, Sony is on the verge of releasing their second attempt at a portable gaming system, the PlayStation Vita, with the hopes that there's room for one more powerhouse system in gamers' bags. The device boasts a 5 inch OLED touchscreen, dual analog sticks, and a whole lot of power, bringing games comparable to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 into the palms of your hands. The Vita has a long life ahead of it, but starting from day one, it's going to affect the way you game on the go. Check out five of the biggest ways it's going to do that …

Console Gaming On The Go

The Vita's hardware packs a serious punch, delivering console quality games wherever you are. The newly designed hardware improves on just about every aspect of the PSP, and adds some interesting twists into the old formula. The screen is big and beautiful (and probably looks better than your TV), and it was designed to make slick looking Vita games pop. Two of the most important additions to the system are the dual analog sticks, a departure from the PSP's biggest problem, and a a way for players to control both the X and Y axis. Games like first-person shooters can finally now be played the way they were meant to be. On top of all of that the Vita includes the ability to play games across platforms, meaning that, in certain compatible titles, you'll be able to play against gamers playing on their PS3s, opening up a whole new world of gaming to explore.

New Games

No matter what the gaming system is, the most important key to its success is its games, and the Vita's got a stellar launch line-up. Featuring some of the biggest names in gaming (Uncharted, Marvel Vs. Capcom and Rayman) the system has franchise titles covered. At launch, the Vita will also sport some new i.p.s, like Little Deviants and Exit Plan, that were created specifically to take advantage of the system's unique hardware. No matter where you sit on the gaming spectrum, there's going to be something for you, and that's just at launch. Blockbuster titles like Assassin's Creed, BioShock and Call of Duty are already in the works and should be hitting stores later this year.

Staying Connected

Can't stray from the grid for too long? The Vita's got you covered, offering up apps that keep you connected to the likes of Facebook and Twitter alongside a surprisingly easy-to-use web browser. However, the most intriguing software that's included on the system is the geosocial app, Near. It'll tell you everyone that's playing a Vita within two mile radius, allowing you to friend them, see what they have played, and even exchange in-game gifts. You can take advantage of the system's connected apps by picking up the WiFi model ($250) or the 3G model ($300), which requires an AT&T data plan to access the network.

Better Control

So, you've got an iPhone, why do you need a Vita? Because you'll never find yourself fighting with poorly developed touch screen joysticks again. Yes, all of the menus are driven by touch, and yes, some games integrate it into their gameplay, but no matter what, those analog sticks, face buttons, and d-pad aren't going anywhere. Plus, it's always nice to play a game and not be blocking almost a third of the screen with your fat thumbs – you'll never be at their mercy again.

It Will Help You Realize Why The PSP Was Actually A Good System

Many gamers overlooked the Sony PSP in its twilight years, leaving a bevy of great games behind, many of which are available as downloads for the Vita. While there will only be 275 of them in the PlayStation Store at launch, the Vita should be looked at as a chance to catch up on great, late life-cycle PSP games like Corpse Party, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and God of War: Ghost of Sparta. Just because your PSP's battery is dead, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy some of its best games on your shiny new portable.

Source: Sony