Match 3: Shaka Zulu vs Shaolin Monk

December 5, 2010

Shaka Zulu

Zulu Axe.



Spit of Poison.

Shaolin Monk

Emei Piercers.

Twin Hooks & Staff.

Fire & Wind Wheels.

Whip Chain.


Axe vs Emei. Edge = Zulu Axe.

Although the Emei's distract, the Zulu is also fast, and has longer range.

Iklwa vs Hooks & Staff. Edge = Hooks.

The Hooks are faster, have longer range, and are just deadlier than any spear or staff.

Iwisa vs Wheels. Edge = Wheels.

The Wheels are mush deadlier when thrown, having two of them, and are super sharp and devastating. The Iwisa is only used to stun.

Spit vs Whip. Edge = Whip.

The Whip Chain exceeds any spitting range, and the poison doesn't kill, it blinds and distracts. The Whip kills.


A Shaolin Monk is meditating on a large boulder, overlooking a clear plain. He is in total piece, when he heard a chanting:

"Zulu! ZULU!"

He gets up and sees Shaka Zulu running at him. He throws a club, an iwisa, but the Monk dodged it by a few inches. He lifted up some fire & wind wheels, and threw one, missing Shaka. He threw the other one, slashing at his shoulder, but it was only a short gash.

Shaka ran up, holding his iklwa. The Monk grabbed his staff, and kept the short spear away from him, but it eventually stabbed into his thigh. He retaliated by hitting Shaka up the chin by the staff. But after the hit, he grabbed the staff and broke it on his knee.

The Monk raised his hands revealing his emei's. He started spinning them around, and one confused Shaka, but he jumped away as the other came. He pulled back his iklwa, and stabbed at the Monk again, but he missed.

The Monk ran to behind a tree, and lifted up his twin hooks. He started swinging them around, and one threw away the iklwa. He rose up his axe, and swung, one hook locking one to it. But with the other one, the Monk hit him in the back with the daggers under the handle, and he went down. But he turned, and spat what was left of his poison berry he started chewing before the battle.

The poison landed in the Monk's face, and he jumped back, rubbing his eyes. But with one free hand he took another few swings, until he felt something rub against the blade. He opened up his eyes, still burning and saw Shaka Zulu walking back, holding his stomach. The Monk had gashed him, but he was still alive.

The Zulu lifted up his iklwa again. He found it after backing up, and charged with it. The Monk jumped out of the way, and held the spear down with the hook again. He took out his whip chain, and started flipping it around. It landed at the Zulu's leg, and the Monk pulled, dropping Shaka like a rag-doll. The Monk grabbed his hook again, and sliced downwards, and he decapitated his enemy. The Monk stood over the headless body, and bowed.

Shaolin Monk: 655.

Emei Piercers: 23.

Twin Hooks: 519.

Staff: 26.

Fire & Wind Wheels: 78.

Whip Chain: 9.

Shaka Zulu: 345.

Zulu Axe: 163.

Iklwa: 182.

Iwisa: 0.

Spit of Poison: 0.