Chris Rock Gets Real About Roman

October 2, 2009

In all the controversy surrounding the recent arrest of famed director Roman Polanski, one man has decided to put his foot down and speak out about the matter. Chris Rock appeared on The Jay Leno Show last night and made some hilarious observations about what he sees as Polanski's unacceptable behavior and just desserts.

In one of his funniest observations Rock compares Polanski to Michael Vick, and even gets an O.J. Simpson joke in there. Ahhh, Mr. Rock, the cultural landscape has badly needed your outspoken views on all things movie- and rape-related for far too long.

So how do you weigh in? Should Polanski be cut some slack or put in the slammer? It's looking more and more likely that the latter is going to be what goes down.

Either way it's nice to hear some Hollywood voices that don't immediately sympathize with Polanski right off the bat. There hasn't been too much opposition heard to the petitions going around to free Polanski. Until now, that is.



Source: Hulu