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The Top 10 Best Songs To Have Sex To

by dsussman   September 15, 2008 at 8:00PM  |  Views: 487,602


5. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" - Daft Punk


This is the aerobics workout of sex songs. There is no need to even think, just the follow simple instructions: "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" Thank you, Daft Punk!


4. "Between the Sheets" - The Isley Brothers


Even though this Isley landmark was released way back in ‘83, it still remains a standard for classic love makin’ music. With Ronald Isley's soft vocals placed over a smooth synthesized concoction, "Between the Sheets" can instantly remove clothes in any sexual setting. They just don’t make R&B jams like they use to.

The Biggie version ain’t half bad either…


3. “Wicked Game - Chris Isaak


While we're all aware that the video for this track is one of the sexiest of all time, and the song can also totally exude lust on all on its own. From its slow slide guitar intro to Isaak's soothing tenor voice, Wicked Game is guaranteed to get things started with your special friend.

”Wicked Game” + A Bottle Red Wine = Love Potion No. 9


2. Marvin Gaye - "Sexual Healing"


Don’t get me wrong, I really do love “Let’s Get It On,” I just don’t think it’s the best Marvin Gaye song to knock boots to. In my opinion, Marvin’s 1982 track "Sexual Healing" pretty much has it all. How can you go wrong with positive sexual lyrical content, dope digital instrumentation and a rejuvenated Marvin turning out another classic vocal performance? This song is basically telling you sex is good for your health. This man was a genius.


1. James Brown - “Sex Machine”


I know this is an easy number one to pick, but I really don’t care.  It's just that good.

The best thing about having sex to this song is the that the classic "Sex Machine" rhythm helps you discover new love moves you never knew existed. The beat just tells you what to do. We all know it’s literally impossible not to move your body to this song, imagine what it could do for you in the bedroom? I love the funk.

How can one man rule the dance floors and the bed frames all at the same time? Thanks for showin’ us the way, Mr. Brown.