I.R.A vs Yakuza

August 9, 2010

IRA --- AR-15, Webley Revolver, Slingshot, Nail Bomb, LPO-50 Flamethrower.

YAKUZA --- Sten, Walther P-38, Sais, Ceramic Grenades, Katanas.

Since the IRA have a rifle against a machine gun, they'll switch it with the Bren machine gun.

EDGE --- Since both the Bren and Sten are British machine guns they're EVEN, Webley for more lethality and the bullet moves around more in the body, Sais for more lethality, Nail Bomb for more shrapnel and can detonate at any time, LPO-50 for longer range and fire lethality.

A 1947 Toyota pulls up to an Irish building. Five Yakuza gangsters emerge from the car. One starts to open a garage. While waiting, one of them are shot down by a rain of bullets. IRA = 5. YAKUZA = 4.

Noticing, the rest of Japanese gangsters quickly open and enter the building. When inside they see silouttes of people about to come out of a corridour. One of them light a wick for a ceramic grenade. He throws it and a second later an Irish man's corpse falls to the ground. I = 4. Y = 4.

The Yakuza, thinking they've stunned their enemies, ambush inside the corridour. No one was within sight. From there they see three different directions to go. They split up, one goes to the left, one to the right, and two going straight. The one to the left eventually lead to a wall that was written on by spray paint. The words say "IRA, BRITS OUT." A door opens which reveals an IRA flamethrower shooter. The Yakuza died in a fiery death. The Irish man then says, "IRA, JAPS OUT." I = 4. Y = 3.

When the flamethrower weilding terroist came out, he got sprayed down by bullets. One of which hit the tank exploding both of them up. Hearing the explosion, one of the Yakuza members come up seeing two blown up corpses. Exiting, he sees an enemy walking down stairs with his guns. But the Yakuza shot him down. Then he starts walking toward where he was going, thinking another Yakuza member is there. Instead he dies from a Webley bullet. I = 2. Y = 1.

Meeting up with another Irish comrad, the remaining IRA fighters plant a nail bomb. They see a Yakuza which is carrying only a katana and Walther P-38. He sees the two Irish terroists. He runs towards him shooting three rounds but they miss. Out of bullets, the Japanese man goes berserk with his katana. The IRA run out of the room but lock it. The Yakuza randomly starts cutting the door but doesn't do anything against the steel. Knowing their safe, The remaining two Irelanders detonates the nail bomb. They open the door revealing the nail riddled Japanese corpse. I = 2. Y = 0.

IRA = 683

Bren = 215.

Webley = 192.

Slingshot = 21.

Nail Bomb = 123.

LPO-50 = 132.

YAKUZA = 317.

Sten = 103.

Walther = 87.

Sais = 5.

Ceramics = 43.

Katana = 79.