Growing Up A Bro

by Robbie E   April 25, 2013 at 12:00AM  |  Views: 2,390

What's up, bro? This past week I went back to my old stomping grounds, bro. Where I grew up! Where I was a little Robbie E. Where I kissed girls on the playground and stuffed hamsters like Joseph Park in lockers, bro! I met up with some of my oldest and best friends. Whenever we hang out it's like "American Pie". Old stories, laughs, beers and major girl talk. Fans always ask the kind of people I grew up around. Well, here they are, bro. Weird nicknames and all.

5 - Heek – Heek was an awesome high school football player and rugby star in college. Heek always knows how to make a party, a party. He throws money around like it's nothing and even has a special guy called "the wizard of ass" that he can call to really get a party started. We have made the call many times!

4 - Kirk - I have seen Kirk drink more beers (or "burs" as he would call them) than anyone else in my life in a single sitting at a bar. I have also seen him pass out in a bar and try to give people a powerbomb into a choke slam as he got kicked out of those same bars. Well, that's Kirk..

3 - Mink - The one friend who seems regular on the outside, but is super creepy on the inside - well that's Mink. He's known for only eating macaroni and cheese and chicken fingers, and this bro of mine meets chicks on the Internet like it's his job! Oh! He's also a former pro wrestler named "Chad Warwick" who's claim to fame is winning his only pro match. That match happened to be against a young Robbie E. He's also pretty funny.

2 - Esh - I will say that Esh is my most normal friend. He definitely can pull chicks like I can and also loves the "gimmie" like I do. He's a physical education and health teacher and also the head coach of his town's high school baseball team, bro. Not too shabby. We have both come a long way since riding bikes in the park by our house and playing Oregon Trail in computer class, bro.

1 - Bird – OK, so, y'know that one friend that you really never invite places but ends up there anyway? Say hi to Bird. Bro is a major perv and goof but somehow pulls women like no other. He's a great athlete, but complete airhead to say the least. Definitely fun to be around once you have a few drinks in you. He does make stories super fun! "Oh Amber!!!!!"

Until next week ....oh...this was my blog bro!!!!

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