Video Game Awards 2009 Brings You Exclusive Premieres and More...

November 18, 2009

Put your Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer match on pause for a minute and get ready -- it's time for the  2009 Video Game Awards!  After months of secrecy, today we're ready to start sharing details about our biggest VGAs ever, set to air LIVE on Saturday, December 12th. 

By Geoff Keighley

This year's show features awards for the best games of 2009, plus amazing world premieres of the most anticipated games for 2010 and 2011.   And to add even more intrigue, almost all the world premieres will be ANNOUNCEMENTS of new, never-before-seen games.

Today we're announcing our first premiere -- HALO: REACH, a game that has been announced but never shown.  All of us at Spike are incredibly excited to be working with Bungie and Xbox to bring you the first-ever look at the VGAs.  At E3, Bungie's Joe Staten announced that the game, a prequel to the Halo trilogy, is coming out in the Fall of 2010.  He also screened a brief teaser trailer that showed nothing more than the planet Reach from space.  At the VGAs you'll finally get to see the world of Reach for the first time --- and I promise that you won't be disappointed.

Over the next three weeks we will be sharing more details on the other world premieres right here on and  So please check back frequently to learn more about what we have planned for the show.  I can hardly wait to tell you about some of the other exciting surprises we're planning with all the major game publishers. Publishers contributing exclusive new content to the VGAs include 2K, Activision, Disney Interactive Studios, Electronic Arts, LucasArts Entertainment, Microsoft Game Studios, THQ, Ubisoft, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and more to be announced in the coming weeks. 

Until then, check out the nominees and vote for your favorites in all the categories!  Voting will be open until Friday, December 11th right here at  

And don't forget to watch the 2009 VGAs, LIVE on Saturday December 12th at 8 PM (7 Central) on Spike in high-definition!

Source: SPIKE TV