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The Top 10 Dumbest Celebrity Tattoos

by girls   June 29, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 20,942


5. Eve

Photo: Todd Williamson/WireImage/Getty Images

Eve’s favorite tattoo is a set of dog paw prints that appear on her chest. The rapper and all around badass says she got the tatts on a dare. Why is it that people do such stupid things on a dare? Anyway, Eve has come to appreciate and even love her paw prints. She thinks they “look good” and has actually found a personal meaning in them. She tells MTV News, “It's just funny, 'cause I got with the Ruff Ryders and they call themselves dogs and I call myself the bitch of the litter. And it just stuck, like the paws were supposed to be there.” Yep, they were just supposed to be there.


4. Steve-O

Photo: Jon Furniss/WireImage/Getty Images

Jackass star Steve-O has a body covered in stupid tattoos. Among his collection of dim-witted tattoos is a flying penis, which Steve-O describes as “the dumbest tattoo ever.” He also has the words “s**t” and “f**k” inked on his knuckles, a tattoo on his buttocks which says “Your name” and another tatt which says “I Have A Small Weiner.”

Steve-O’s dumbest (or greatest, depending on how you view things) would have to be the life-size portrait of himself on his back. Now you can look Steve-O in the face when he has his back to you! The tattoo is actually pretty incredible and life-like. Underneath it he has the words “yeah dude, I rock!” Interestingly, his back face is actually bigger than his real face.  Steve-O thinks it has a great chance of making it into the Guinness Book of Records for the “largest self-portrait tattoo,” if he ever gets around to notifying them.


3. Dean McDermott

Photo: Mark Sullivan/WireImage/Getty Images

Dean McDermott must really love his wife Tori Spelling. The sometime actor and reality television star has not one, but two portraits of his wife inked on his body. Dean says the tattoos are a sign of his deep and undying love to the woman of his dreams and mother of two of his children. While rumors of trouble in the relationship have bounced around since the two got together, nothing says forever like getting your wife’s face tattooed on your body multiple times. Getting inked like this is more of a sign of commitment than any ring or piece of paper.


2. Jon Gosselin


Just when you thought this excuse of a man couldn’t do anything dumber, he goes and gets a huge back tattoo of a dragon. Yes, a dragon. I thought Gosselin’s diamond stud was a major sign of douchebaggery and a clear signal of a man suffering from a sense of male inadequacy. This ridiculously large dragon takes the cake. What makes it worse is that it has a greater meaning for Gosselin. He tells RadarOnline, "I have planned this tattoo for years now. I wanted something that resembled a rebirth or a change in me.” Get a job, support your kids, and please go away!


1. Coolio

Source: TMZ

Gangster rapper Coolio decided to put the cool back into his name by getting a tattoo in honor of the musical group Insane Clown Posse, whose fans are known as Juggalos and Juggalettes.   Coolio decided to beef up his street cred by getting inked with the word "Juggalo." The problem is that the person who inked him didn’t now how to spell it. They misspelled the word, leaving out a "g" and leaving Coolio with a tattoo that reads “Jugalo Cool.”

Coolio told TMZ that the misspelling was intentional and that he does not plan on correcting the “mistake.” But seriously, what else would he say, right?



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