Repo’d! Top 10 #RepoGames Fan Tweets From Last Night

March 29, 2012

Who wants their Tweets on Repo Games? Sure, the hosts and contestants on Repo Games are hilarious, but our favorite part of watching the show is seeing what you guys have to say on Twitter! Check out the 10 most hilarious #RepoGames fan tweets from last night's episode and be sure to hit Twitter during the next Repo and your tweets could appear on-air in a future episode! Watch all-new episodes of Repo Games on Wednesdays at 11/10c on Spike!

Repo'd your tweet!

@monica_lyn: I would so stop paying my car payment if I knew #repogames would show up at my door. I kill at that game!!

Im getting all these answers right on #repoGames... Let me stop paying my car note!

@julietimmerman:  i just cant stop watching #repogames. i hope if my future car is ever up for repo; they come knocking on my door.

@HERSHEYSKISS24: Ah repo games, how you make me smile. #dumbanswers

@YoungCarlos510: Ima buy a 2012 Camaro ZL1, not pay the bills, and hope I end up on #RepoGames

@logancornelius: Guy just brought out an assault rifle on repo games #freakinnuts

@lisamack324: Gotta say in this day in age, Repo Games is the best idea for a show ever!

 @mosher0317: #repogameson @spike_tv is ridiculously hilarious

@marcosolis91: question is were are they driving if they are already home? #RepoGames

@mandanancy: A night of #repogamesand #auctionhunters, Its a pretty good night(:

Tom Meets A Massive Gun
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