Jesse James Vs. Napoleon Bonaparte

January 13, 2011

In this match up will the notorious outlaw Jesse james face up against the frenchman who took europe in his iron grip, Napoleon Bonaparte. Will the gunman with the better weapons win or will the victory go to the leader with the better bodyarmour. 

Who will win? Who is deadliest? I present the match up:

Jesse James Vs. Napoleon Bonaparte!!


Jesse James                                                                                                            This outlaw made the wild west a bit more dangerous. Sharpshooter and former conference soldier, Jesse knew how to use his weapons. After the civil war, Jesse and his brother Frank went into different gangs before Jesse finally created his own gang, the James gang. Jesse James got betrayed and murdered at the age of 34. Ending the live of this famous outlaw and cowboy.

The weapon with which Jesse will be ready are the bowie knife, dual revolvers, winchester rifle and a stick of dynamite. Jesse has no armour and he will be followed by four other men of the James gang and only Jesse will be on horse.


Napoleon Bonaparte                                                                                                Who has not heard of the great little general, who took europe in one swift move, only to get stuck in Russia. Some say Napoleon was a tyrant, others say he was great. Fact is that he was important in making the western world like it is today. Think about the last name he introduced, the same coin everwhere and measurements. His work also get studied in military schools all over the world. But there were rebellions and he was set in prison on the island Saint Helene, after which he died of stumach cancer, altough a lot of scholars believe, the poor man was poisend. 

The weapons of Napoleon are the sabre, flintlock pistol, musket model 1777 with bayonet and the lance. Napoleon too will be on horse with four of his loyal men on foot. Napoleon and his men wear a breastplate with extra thickness on the shoulders and over the hart, he also has a steel helmet. I know that mostly cavelry used this armour but if Napoleon took men with him, he would have them well armoured.


The egde


Bowie Knife Vs. Sabre                                                                                          The bowie is a great knife for cutting and stabbing. It can also be thrown for maximum inpact. The only problem is the steel plate and helmet of Napoleon. The bowie has to hit the face or neck to kill, which are both harder to hit then the chest. The military sabre is more straight then the one used by Saladin. Its great at both slashing and thrusting and is longer then the bowie. The sabre has no armour to worry about and will kill sooner then the bowie, giving it the egde.                             Edge: Napoleon Bonaparte


Dual Revolvers Vs. Flintlock pistol                                                                          This is really no competition. Two quick draw revolvers that can shoot six bullets each against the flintlock which can fire one bullet, after which it needs to be loaded again. The revolvers also load quicker and can shoot from further away. The only problem i see are the breatplate and helmet, but if Jesse shoots the head, it is no big deal.                                                                                                     Edge: Jesse James


Winchester rifle Vs. Musket and bayonet                                                                Again, it is clear which of the two weapons is better. The winchester can shoot from further away, does not misfire, has more shots and loads quicker. I also suspect that the winchester will have less trouble, dealing with the breastplate and helmet then the revolvers. The only egde the musket has is the ringbayonet which is put under the barrel, making it able to shoot and stab after each other. But Napoleon needs to get closer to use the bayonet.                                                                             Edge: Jesse James


Dynamite Vs. Lance                                                                                              This is an odd match up. The dynamite stick can take out more opponents at once but is easy to avoid. The best way to use it, is to light it, throw it in a small area with the opponent and wait untill the blast explodes. But it can hit the user. Setting up the dynamite on the ground is saver, you have more time to get out of the way yourself. The lance needs to be on horse to be most effective and can only kill one person at a time. But it is easy to use and to aim. The horse will make things better for the lance and worse for the stick of dynamite. After considering both weapons for a while, gets the lance a small egde.                                                                                Edge: Napoleon Bonaparte


Armour:                                                                                                             Jesse James has no armour at all, while Napoleon will have the steel breastplate and steel helmet. And altough it only covers the chest and top of the head, and will not stop all the bullits of Jesse, i have no doubt they reduce the damage.                       Edge: Napoleon Bonaparte

Lets Fight


The five men slowly made it out of the desert. 'I thought the icecold of Russia was bad.'One soldier said. 'This heat, just too harsh.' 'Well at least be thankful we found that water' another soldier replied. The only one on a horse, their leader Napoleon did not say anyhting, but think what they should do. It was two months ago when they entered the new land, America it was called. Originally Napoleon left France with two hundred men, only to come out of the desert with four. The sea destroyed a ship when they were cought in a heavy storm, and after that, they were ambushed several times by some tribal warriors. These guys shot with bow and arrow but damn accurate. Then they entered the desert, the hell on earth. Napoleon had to deal with the heat, lack of water and the animals with their poisen.                                        'check your weapons men' Napoleon spoke. 'I have the feeling we are going to need them.' Napoleon himself checked his sabre, lance and flintlock pistol, while his second in command named Jean, checked his musket, and sabre. Pierre took his pistol out, checked if everything was in order and loaded it, which the rest copied with their weapons. lastly were Luc and Betrand, two nephews who managed to climb the ranks of the army rather quickly. They had already checked their muskets, the only weapons they trusted. As all five men were in front of a large building, an angry man came out. Looking at Napoleon and his men, he started laughing and yelling at the french men. Napoleon ignored him, untill the man suddenly took a gun from his side and pointed it Napoleon. 

'Four aces' Bill said. 'I think i win.' 'You cannot have four aces' Frank yelled. 'I have had one a few minutes ago.' The tension was high in the saloon. Jesse James had started a new gang and had already recruited four men. it turned out that those men were not coming along with each other. There was Jesse himself with his revolvers and bowie. Ofcourse hios brother Frank with only one revolver. The idiot lost his other one in poker. Butch had agreed to come, he was very useful with dynamite and always kept two or three sticks with him all the time. Then there was Bill. Bill never left his winchester alone and was very accurate with it, and lastly the strange man named Clyde. The other had argued against recruiting Clyde, but the man was the best shot Jesse had ever seen. The two man were almost fistfigthing now and Jesse slammed a revolver on the table. 'Frank, it is just a game. Go outside and enjoy some fresh air.' Frank left as Jesse put the revolver back in the holster. Outside Frank was just about to get a smoke, when suddenly he saw five guys, of which one guy on horse standing in front of the saloon. They were dressed odd and had weapons that looked like they came out of a museum. Frank started lauhing, what made the other guys look mad at him. the suddenly he got an idea. He took his revolver, pointed it towards the man on horse, who looked like to be the boss and demand the horse.  

Napoleon: 5  Jesse James: 5

Seeing his leader being threatend by a gun, Luc quickly stabbed the arm of the agressor with his bayonet, retracted and shot him in the neck. The shot grabbed the attention of the other James gang members who quicly ran to the door to check. When they saw Frank lying dead on the ground and the strange men standing in front of his body, they attacked. Jesse took his revolvers and started shooting while walking backwards and Bill, standing in front of a window, shot his winchester. Napoleon ordered his group to split out and saw how Luc got hit in the chest, falling down. His armour had saved him from death. Jean was not that lucky and got hit in the temple by a bullet from the winchester. Everyone spread out as Jesse ran to the back of the saloon to get his horse, Bill and Butch stayed in the saloon and Clyde ran out. On the other side, Napoleon ordered his horse to get out as Pierre ran behind the building and Luc and betrand slowly entered.  

Napoleon: 4  Jesse James: 4

Napoleon Bonaparte folled the running cowboy through the street. Clyde, who noticed he was going to be outrun by the horse turned and just before he could trigger his revolver, the lance napoleon held, pierced the cowboy. Napoleon tried to pull the lance away, but found it very difficult and threw it on the ground. The liveless body of Clyde fell on the ground, with the lance still in him. Napoleon was about to retrieve it later, he turned his horse the other way and went back to the other men.                  On the other side of the saloon, Pierre took his pistol out and slowly checked for a door, not noticing he was being spied on by someone. Jesse slowly snuck behind the soldier, took his bowie knife out of his trenchcoat and grabbed with one hand the face of the opponent as he slashed the throat of the soldier with the knife. Putting the knife back, he walked to the front of the saloon.                                                Luc and Betrand slowly made it inside the saloon, seeing it empty with only tables and chairs and a bar with a few glasses on it. A shot was fired and Bill showed up shooting another time. Luc grabbed his flintlock as Betrand pointed his musket towards the opponent. As they ran for cover, they both fired their weapon. Ducking behind the bar, they just saw how the opponent fell dead on the ground. Hit in the eye by one of the two bullets. They reloaded their guns, still hiding behind the bar and never saw the stick of dynamite that fell between them. There was a loud explosion and Butch walked out of the saloon, with a grin on his lips.

Napoleon: 1   Jesse James: 2

Butch stared into the intense sun only to see one of the enemies on a horse, coming towards him holding a sword. Butch reached for his gun, which he couldn't find and Napoleon took the oppertunity. As he passed the gang member, Napoleon thrusted his sword into the chest of butch, who fell the cold steel enter his body and reach his heart before everything went black.                                                                       Napoleon quickly cleaned up his sabre and saw the last cowboy on a horse appearing. Jesse had found his horse, jumped on it and was now in front of his last opponent. Both men watched each other as Jesse took his revolvers and Napoleon his flintlock pistol. Both men made their horses run towards each other and fired their guns. The bullet of Napoleon hit the horse of Jesse in the chest. The horse went to the ground and Jesse was thrown off, losing his revolvers in the proces and fell hard on the ground. Napoleon was hit in the armour and in the chin, which made him tumble backwards and fell on the ground, dead.                                                      Jesse, feeling the pain in his limbs, tried to stand up and grab one of his revolvers. He succeeded in both and saw his opponent face down on the ground. He emptied his gun in the back of the head of the dead Napoleon Bonaparte and crashed to the ground again. Days later, he would wake up in a prison, charged with murder.            Napoleon: 0  Jesse James: 1

Winner Jesse James



Jesse James: 40

Bowie Knife: 8

Revolvers: 9

Winchester: 9

Dynamite: 8

Armour: 6    



Napoleon Bonaparte: 39

Sabre: 8.5

Flintlock pistol: 6.5

Musket: 7.5

Lance: 8.5

Armour: 8


 Jesse james barely won it out. Altough the fire arms were fastly the superior, the melee weapons of Napoleon and his armour really did save him. It did not save him enough to give Napoleon the win though and altough i think i might overstimated the revolvers, the same goes for the armour. Basicly, i am not very happy with the grades myself (dont blame me please) i agree with the result. Jesse James would win, but Napoleon would follow close behind.