The Dark Side of Fantasy Football They Won't Show You on SportsCenter

August 31, 2010

Our sporadically entertaining friends at have taken another stab at comedy by producing a quick and almost hilarious video about the seedy underbelly of fantasy football. If you feel like quietly chuckling in mild amusement, then click on through and enjoy the magic. (P.S. you’re welcome.)

While the intent of this feature is to discuss the overt egos ruining a once laid back endeavor, two underlying aspects of the clip prompted some intra-office debate:

  1. They've allowed a guy to draft his team over the phone with what appears to be AT&T-quality reception. (This is a horrible idea.)
  2. There is a moderately attractive female in the league. (Does this ever happen?)


Both of these points could warrant a debate on their own, but that's not what this video is about (I think). So let's put those queries on the back burner for a minute, sit back, relax, and enjoy a chubby man in his early 30s doing a Drew Rosenhaus impression.