Alex Rodriguez Humiliated After Being Shown in Touching Moment with Sexy, A-List Actress

February 8, 2011

During the early moments of last week’s Super Bowl, 111 million viewers saw a romantic exchange between Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez. Naturally, this candid moment – which depicted A-Rod as a normal, loving human – infuriated the Yankees shortstop to the point where he launched a verbal assault on the game’s producers.

“He really went ballistic — thinking the cameraman was out to get them in a paparazzi-like shot,” a source told the Sun Times.

Yes, the cameraman was out to get him.

The paper goes on to claim that “after that one shot — which frankly was totally innocent and kind of sweet — Rodriguez got a guarantee that he and Diaz would not be televised any further.”

Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images