Director of "The Host" Has Two New Films Lined Up

March 18, 2009

Bong Joon-ho, the director of one of the awesomest monster movies to come out this decade, The Host, hasn't released much these days. He directed a segment of the recent art-house film Tokyo, but other than that he's been pretty much under the radar. But now there are rumors that he's got a couple of new films in the works, which should be exciting to anyone who likes movies.

The film he's currently working on is titled Mother, and Joon-ho describes it thus: "It's a crime genre. But ultimately it's a story about a strange mother and son. I wanted to express the explosive madness of a mother trying to save her wrongly accused son." Could he please get a little more vague? In all seriousness though, that little tidbit is enough to pique my interest. If he can make overgrown tadpoles interesting, he can make a crime thriller interesting.

After Mother, he's set to adapt a French science fiction graphic novel called Transperceneige. In it the few surviving members of the human race live on a train and become a "microcosm of human society." He describes it as a "dystopian vision regarding the future of humanity and human nature." The train has "its different classes of passenger mirroring different political and social strata."

These films are taking as long as they are due to the fact that Joon-ho is a stickler for creative control, insisting on having final cut. Apparently this is as difficult to obtain in Korea as Hollywood. Nonetheless, I'm pretty damn pumped to see the next couple films from one of the best new directors around -- even if there will be lots of subtitles in both.

Source: Carlo Allegri/Getty Images