No Ifs, Only Butts in August

July 31, 2009

August is upon us, which means one thing. It’s time to make some sweet, sweet back door love.

You probably didn’t know this-- August is officially National Anal Sex Month. Now it’s unknown how August became the month dedicated to butt loving, but do you really care? It’s the perfect excuse to slip it in your girl’s back door and say you’re celebrating a national month long celebration.

Sexpert Dr. Don Etkes, who runs, is a big proponent of anal sex, but believes it gets a bad name for not being considered “romantic.” Dr. Don says this is something that can easily changed by lighting some candles and throwing on some soft music. Do that and anal sex will magically become truly romantic. He even suggests that you “put a bow around your rear and offer yourself as a reward.” Now that may be going too far.

If you are going to partake in National Anal Sex Month, Dr. Don suggests you abide by the 3 Ls – which are lube, lube, and more lube. He also recommends that you “test the waters with finger play first to ensure everything goes down smoothly.” He says you should follow that up with a bottom massage, spanking, and “whispering sweet nothings into the anus to add spice to the booty play.” Wow!

Happy National Anal Sex Month!

Source Altrendo/Getty Images