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The Top Nine Fattest Coaches in Professional Sports

by davidbreitman   August 04, 2010 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,658

America's recently launched "War on Obesity" has claimed a lot of victims. Romeo Crennel, Ken Hitchcock, and Mark Mangino were all casualties of this senseless battle, while hundreds of others nervously await the judgmental hand of fate. Luckily, nine brave (and sugar-coated) souls are surviving the battle and remain gainfully employed despite public pressure to replace them with thinner, and less disgusting, options.

Photo: Drew HallowellGetty Images Sport/Getty Images


9. Stan Van Gundy, Orlando Magic

Photo: Nick Laham/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Walking down the streets of Disneyworld every morning and hearing sexual deviants routinely scream “Wow, Ron Jeremy has really let himself go,” can’t be easy. Then again, taunts like “I hope he gets thinner as he gets closer” and “Sir, you can’t supersize a box of doughnuts” is a lot better than being publicly recognized as a close relative of Jeff Van Gundy.

Fortunately for Stan the Man, he just turned 50 years old this year, which is when males with histories of weight issues and high stress jobs usually get into much better shape.

8. Barry Trotz, Nashville Predators

Photo: Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

After the Columbus Blue Jackets sent Ken Hitchcock and his extensive collection of moustache combs waddling to the unemployment line earlier this year, the NHL needed to pass along the XXL “fattest coach” sash down the trough. Unfortunately for Barry Trotz, he was next in line.

Objectively speaking, Trotz lies somewhere between Drew Carey and Nelson Muntz on the obesity scale. By NHL standards, however, he is a bit on the hefty side. Since the majority of professional hockey coaches are in phenomenal shape, it doesn’t take too much body fat to climb the chubby coach power rankings.

Had Trotz elected to lead an NFL (not NHL) team to a promising first round playoff loss this season, he probably wouldn’t have made this list.

7. Don Nelson

Photo: Alex Stephens/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Some people thought that when Don Nelson became the winningest NBA coach of all-time he would let all the attention go to his head. Fortunately, the critics were wrong. It clearly went to hips.

Since hanging up his collegiate basketball jersey with two All-American emblems stitched above the left shoulder, Nelson has enjoyed a trans-fat filled adult life that makes him an excellent candidate for both the “American Airlines Media Buffet Lifetime Achievement Award” and “Bed Four” at the diabetes clinic in downtown Oakland.

6. Wade Phillips

Photo: Ron Vessey/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Nearly 45 years ago, Wade Phillips was one of the greatest linebackers the University of Houston had ever seen. He led his team in various statistical categories and did not have to get his pants let out before every press conference. Today, Phillips gets to tell people he used to be one of the greatest linebackers the University of Houston had ever seen. (High school reunions and old photographs must be a little painful to look at, though. If only Jessica Simpson was still dating his starting quarterback, Phillips could probably borrow her copy of So, You’ve Let Yourself Go….)


5. Tom Cable

Photo: Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In all fairness, using powdered sugar and freeze dried waffles as a means of dealing with Al Davis is a healthier alternative than bathing in self-doubt and shattered dreams. If heightened glucose levels are the only side effect Cable walks away with by the time Davis breaks his spirit and replaces him with a younger, more attractive “trophy coach,” Cable has clearly walked away better than most.



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