Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse Are Bad Influences on Each Other

April 16, 2009

Apparently Amy Winehouse and Snoop Dogg had been hitting the studio for a musical collaboration a while back, but there was a mystery substance that caused the odd pair to struggle through the recording process.

Snoop and Amy collaborated on a pair of tracks in a Los Angeles studio last year, but sources have said that they where taking far too many "smoke breaks" to finish them.

A source told The Sun that “Amy came to the studio buzzing with ideas and the pair got on really well.” Although the source went on to say that the duo was “working at a frenetic pace at first but as the day wore on and more smoke breaks took place, the work rate slackened.” Damn you, marijuana!


By the time their studio time ended they had a pair of tracks sketched out but no finished product. The London songbird’s schedule and her U.S. visa trouble mean she has not been able to return to finish the tracks. Snoop’s busy too. He has just recorded a tribute song to the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

What a burn. Literally. This could have been one of the wackiest songs ever recorded.

Source: Greetsia Tent/Getty Images