Mantenna - Wednesday, November 11

November 11, 2009

Eva Mendes' sexy billboard is causing some serious drama, Ridley Scott’s Monopoly movie is going to be weird, and Steven Tyler has not left Aerosmith...the Mantenna for President!

Source: Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Eva Mendes Billboard Erection Drama

A racy new billboard for Calvin Klein underwear is ruffling feathers in the Big Apple, causing traffic jams and controversy because of its provocative and sexual nature. The billboard shows a sweaty Eva Mendes wearing see-thru underwear tugging at the briefs of a male model. The man has a noticeable bulge in his jocks. Some have called it sexy, others pornographic. The ad replaces a similar controversial billboard for Calvin Klein jeans which depicted a steamy orgy, which CK removed in June. [NY Daily News]

Now Amy Winehouse Wants Butt Implants

Amy Winehouse may have kicked her drug addiction, but it might be replaced with another addiction… plastic surgery. Last month Winehouse reportedly paid close to $59,000 to have her breasts enhanced from a 32B to 32D. The singer is said to be so impressed with her new pair of breasts that she’s thinking of getting another breast job. She’s also considering a butt job. A source tells the UK’s The Sun newspaper, "Amy loves her boobs. She can't stop touching them and showing them off to friends. She says she feels womanly again and wants to be more curvy like she used to be. She thinks by having another op and bum implants that she will achieve her dream pin-up look." Someone should send her back to rehab. [The Sun]

Moneyball Getting Pitched to New Directors

Moneyball, the book about baseball statistics that was going to be adapted to the screen by Steven Soderbergh before he was dumped from the project, has two new directors in its sights. Both Marc Webb, the director of last summer’s 500 Days of Summer, and Bennett Miller, who directed Capote, are contenders to helm the rudderless film. While Webb has the gloss and shimmer of a director newly anointed as a Hollywood golden boy, Miller has proved his ability to knock down the Oscars. Somewhere Soderbergh is probably pissed that his movie died in development hell. [Risky Business]

Ridley Scott’s Monopoly Adaptation is Going to be Out There

Director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner) is still attached to helm the unfortunate Monopoly adaptation. While many people continue to scratch their heads and wonder aloud, “How do you adapt a board game?”, some details of the story have finally surfaced. The basic story is that some loser who’s terrible at his real estate job decides to beat the world record for playing Monopoly and proceeds to play for 70 days, at which point he travels to an alternate universe that is much like – you guessed it – the game of Monopoly. Tickets to this movie will cost a bit more, as theaters are going to provide audience members with a joint to smoke in the bathroom before the movie starts in order to get maximal enjoyment out of the film. [/Film]

Steven Tyler Has Not Left Aerosmith


Source: Steven Tyler/Getty Images

Steven Tyler has officially said that he is "not leaving Aerosmith" and even made a guest appearance with Joe Perry and his band last night at Irving Plaza in New York City. Tyler joined Perry and his solo project for an encore of "Walk This Way." Before the song he told the crowd that "I am not leaving Aerosmith" and told Perry "you are a man of many colors, but I am the motherf--king rainbow!" Damn. [Billboard]

Much Like Your Grandparents, Major League Baseball is Afraid of Technology

After a 2009 postseason filled with an embarrassing amount of umpire errors, Major League Baseball has decided to do the responsible thing and once again refuse to adopt instant replay into the 2010 season. The move, which probably has some sort of logical reason, will successfully keep baseball out of the 21st century and allow the 84-year-old purists the opportunity to remain the foremost authorities of the game. (Unlike those punk kids in the NFL who are too concerned with getting calls correct.) [AM 850]

Project Natal Shipping Novemeber 2010 for Dirt Cheap Price?

New information on Project Natal is apparently the result of behind-closed-doors meetings in the U.K. between Microsoft and third party developers. Microsoft will be manufacturing 5 million Natals for a worldwide launch in November 2010 (some of those standalone, some of those in 360 bundles), and price is a major concern for the company. Those who left meetings were under the impression that Natal alone will run anywhere from $50-$80 with 14 games included. They've apparently learned from Sony's hard lesson in overpricing - $50 would be a very tempting sweet spot, indeed. [Kotaku]

Microsoft Drops the Banhammer on Modded Xbox Users

The BBC reports that Microsoft has disconnected approximately 600,000 Xbox users from Xbox Live because the devices they are using have been modified, either with software or with new chips, to play pirated games. "Microsoft confirmed that it had banned a 'small percentage' of the 20 million Xbox Live users worldwide. Microsoft said that modifying an Xbox 360 console 'violates' the service's terms of use and would result in a player being disconnected." Any hack-happy Xboxers out there might want to disconnect the ethernet cable from the back of the console right [BBC]

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