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Rachelle Leah Bares all for Playboy

by gdesanctis   October 15, 2008 at 4:18PM  |  Views: 930

The beautiful Rachelle Leah, UFC Octagon Girl and Current Host for Spike's UFC All Access, sits down for a sexy chat with Spike.com about her experience with Playboy, her work with the UFC, future plans and more. Hit the jump for all the juicy details and plenty of hot pics.  

SP: Was this your first time being fully nude in front of the camera?

RL: Yes

SP: Can you explain what that experience was like?

RL: It was very nerve racking. Being naked in a room full of people, strangers, who are all fully clothed is definitely a weird feeling that I think would make any girl nervous. But the crew was so great, they were all so professional and we loosened up with a little champagne and really captured the moment beautifully. The shoot came out really well; Playboy is very classy and it turned out to be such a fantastic experience.

SP: So would you say this is something you would do again if given the opportunity?

RL: Oh, yes, definitely. I had so much fun.

SP: Can you compare this one to other shoots you've done?

RL: It doesn't compare at all. These were the most professional people I've ever worked with. It was so much better than any other shoot I've done.

SP: How has the UFC changed your life?

RL: Oh my God, before the UFC I was doing small modeling shows in Vegas, and that really isn't the ideal spot for that so when the UFC came along and made me an Octagon Girl, it completely transformed my life. I began hosting my own television show, which gets great ratings, I've been in a movie, which we just finished shooting for and now I'm on the cover of Playboy, which I'm in the process of promoting. The movie was a lot of fun, I'm cast as the lead role and I learned an incredible amount so it was really an awesome experience.

SP: When did you decide you wanted to be a model?

RL: Well I never really wanted to be a model, in fact I still don't think of myself as a model so thank you for saying that . I just wanted to be an entertainer and I think I wanted to get into the business at a pretty young age. For a while though, I thought I wanted to get into medicine, so I was studying that and doing some modeling on the side. The medicine was fun and all, but I just decided I was going to throw everything I had into this and see what happened. You know, just give my all for a couple of years and try to make something of it. Now here I am -I think it's six years later- and I'm promoting the cover of Playboy.

SP: You've done so much with your career already, you've been in several magazines, now including Playboy, you've been on TV as well as the movies, so what's next for you?

RL: More of it! I want to continue hosting; I love that. I want to get more involved in movies, I loved doing the movie so much and I definitely want to do more of that. I would say anything that comes my way I am willing to try. I'm so open-minded that the sky is the limit for what I'd like to do. One thing inspires me to do another.