James Blunt Loves Cocaine And Young Girls

October 27, 2008

Sydney teenager Kate Costello has claimed she was humiliated and dumped by English singer James Blunt after a drug-filled party at his Ibiza home.

The 19-year-old has said she was wooed, bedded and flown around the world by the musician after meeting him at one of his Australian concerts. Dumbass.

Blunt, 34, allegedly spun an array of wishes to the pretty young blonde, including promises to help boost her singing career. Costello says Blunt sent her nasty emails and texts, one reading: "I can't wait to have your naked body lying next to mine". Yuk.

Costello also claims that the dorky ballad-writing musician has a taste for excess.

"There were so many drugs. There was this silver platter of drugs, every drug you could think of: cocaine, MDMA, K (ketamine, a tranquiliser used on horses), hash," she told the Herald Sun.

"Everyone was taking drugs. I have never been with him and him be straight. He would go to sleep smashed and wake up and have a few hours before he got smashed again."

Since when did James Blunt turn into Nikki Sixx?