Bikini Poll of the Week: Brooke Hogan

November 21, 2008

Brooke Hogan is the daughter of Hulk Hogan, the star of her own reality show, and a wannabe pop star. She recently purchased some extra cleavage and she has spent the past summer showing it off.

So the tough question of the week - Which bikini does Brooke Hogan look hottest in?

Bikini #1


Brooke Hogan has recorded two albums. The first album had a single titled "Everything to Me" released, however the album as a whole was never released. In 2006, she released the album Undiscovered with the single "About Us." The bland single peaked at #33 on the US Billboard chart.

Bikini #2


Brooke Hogan appeared on the cover of FHM magazine. At the time she was under the age of 21 and as a result the magazine contained no alcohol advertising. She was their first cover girl under the age of 21.

Bikini #3


Over the summer Brooke appeared in her own spin off of Hogan Knows Best, titled Brooke Knows Best. The show focuses on Brooke’s singing career, the divorce of her parents and the incarceration of her brother Nick, following a severe car accident.

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