Sony's P.R. is Mean and Hilarious

January 27, 2009

Kotaku and Gizmodo ran stories today about a PSP2 coming out soon and Sony is super pissed. Now, I’m well aware that the internet is for trading in rumor and innuendo.  It’s like high school in that way, and it’s pretty great.  I rocked at high school.  But Sony’s P.R. department is not OK with that, and said as much with great sass.  Hit the jump to see exactly what they said.

In response to reports about a potentially touchscreen-based PSP2, here’s what Sony said: 

"Clearly, being a quiet time of year, many, what we thought to be credible websites, are making up stories about PSP2, and how it allows you to teleport across the globe, travel through time, and will be powered by the horns of baby rhinoceroses."

Image Source: Justin Horrocks / Photodisc / Getty Images