The Crazies Gets Remade

April 17, 2009

George A. Romero’s 1973 cult classic film The Crazies is getting itself remade, and it might just be a very frightening horror film if the reports from behind the scenes are true.

Aside from the fact that the cast is made up of *gasp!* real actors (including Timothy Olyphant and Radha Mitchell), the effects are rumored to be top-notch -- i.e., disgusting as hell:

...a secret, experimental U.S. bio-weapon is accidentally released, entering the water supply of a small, fictional Iowa town. Those exposed start to go insane and the town is sealed off under martial law, but four uncontaminated characters—the sheriff, his doctor wife, his deputy and a high-school student—try to escape, attempting to dodge homicidal neighbors and the trigger-happy military.

And as for the effects, it's sounding like we're going to see some top-notch gore:

Fango will not describe the look of Trixie’s victims at this point, other than to point out that Hall and his crew’s work is so lifelike, and the characters’ disfigurements so disturbing, that they push the gross-out factor.

Horror fans everywhere are probably salivating at the thought.

A lot of classic films don't benefit from the remake fad that is running rampant in Hollywood, but the increased budget and ramping up of the action in the new The Crazies sounds like it's going to actually produce a film that horror fans will flock to.

The Crazies is being directed by Breck Eisner (Fear Itself's the Sacrifice), and the script was written by Ray Wright. Any horror fans out there have any comments on what they'd like to see from this remake?

Thanks to Fangoria for the photo.