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Jon Taffer's Tips For The Big Game

by Brendan Dempsey   January 31, 2014 at 12:00PM  |  Views: 11,655

Photo: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

This coming Sunday is perhaps the greatest day of the year. Family and friends will flock to parties for a day filled with food, drink, and football. If you're the member of your social circle that's been tasked with hosting the party, the responsibility is on you to make it the best day possible for your guests. How do you come through and throw the best party possible? How do you make sure that everybody eats to their fill and leaves saying it was the best football party ever? You ask Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer for advice, that's how.

We recently caught up with Mr. Taffer and asked him some advice for how to host a party for the ages. Here's what he had to say:

Spike TV: What is the best food/drink to serve at a Football Sunday party?

Jon Taffer: Most common food to serve is pizza but I'm not common. BBQ steak skewers and anything with bacon!

As for a drink, of course it's beer but not just any beer will do; it has to be between 36 - 39 degrees; if it's not I'll SHUT IT DOWN!

Spike: What is the perfect number of guests? and what's the best setupTV/furniture wise?

JT: Never a perfect number of guest but there is a perfect guest…WOMEN! Ever see a boring super bowl party with 200 women?! Need I say more!

Furniture setup…anything that makes a Butt Funnel; especially for those wide receivers!

Spike: What are the most common mistakes that hosts can make?

JT: Forgetting dessert.

Spike: Any further tips from the Mr. Taffer regarding the science of a party for the big game?

JT: It's a special day, make your party equal what this day means!

Suffice it to say, if you heed Jon Taffer's word, you'll be certain to throw a dynamite party this weekend. Have a great Sunday everybody. Also, if you're not a fan of football, you can spend all day Sunday catching up on Full Episodes of Bar Rescue. Enjoy.


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