Top 10 Plotlines Movies Just Totally Dropped For No Reason

June 30, 2011
It happens to every director: they have a script, they go into editing...and realize halfway though that a minor plotline doesn't work. Or the money runs out. Or they forgot to film the rest of the plot. Either way, they've got nothing other than the hope that nobody will notice.

10. The Jerkass from The Kids Are All Right

Source: Universal Pictures

This is the king crowner, the one that bugs us the most.

The first movie makes a big deal of these embryos. That guy from "Seinfeld" touches off the entire plot to steal them, as well as throw the movie to the heights of unreality. Sure, that little girl knows gymnastics and is also a hacker. Sure, a velociraptor could have a prayer of defeating Samuel L. Jackson. Right. Whatever.

Anyway, after that fat guy gets acid spit into his eyes and presumably eaten by a dinosaur, the embryos that he stole fall into the mud and get buried. Then, apparently, that's it. The huge corporation with all those resources that bribed him apparently just shrugged and forgot about it. Then we're assuming that they had a stock options scandal or something, because this huge corporation vanishes from the face of the franchise.

How annoying is this plothole? So annoying that apparently the Jurassic Park video game coming soon from Telltale will specifically go out of its way to answer that. So, about two decades after the fact, you fill in the plothole with some digital spackle?

Who wrote this script?