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Top 10 Plotlines Movies Just Totally Dropped For No Reason

by Theta1138   June 30, 2011 at 10:00AM  |  Views: 3,447
It happens to every director: they have a script, they go into editing...and realize halfway though that a minor plotline doesn't work. Or the money runs out. Or they forgot to film the rest of the plot. Either way, they've got nothing other than the hope that nobody will notice.

10. The Jerkass from The Kids Are All Right

Source: Focus Features

At the beginning of this movie about how you really shouldn't go for the hot lesbian if you're trying to be a male homewrecker, Mark Ruffalo has a friend named Clay who basically exists to encourage him to make the worst decision possible.

It's pretty clear this guy's going to be a total monster, something the movie underlines when he literally kicks a dog.

Then...that's it. He disappears from the movie. So does the dog.

Can we at least assume the dog had the decency to kill and eat him?

9. Transformers Drop a Barricade

Source: Paramount Pictures

Considering that Barricade is actually a major character in Transformers because, well, he drives the plot for a good chunk of the movie, the fact that he suddenly vanishes is a bit odd, especially since the movie ends with a gigantic robot smackdown. You'd think he'd show up to help his boss.

Wait, what are we saying? This is Megatron. His idea of a good second-in-command is a backstabbing wuss like Starscream. Barricade's probably chilling in Kuwait, enjoying some fine oil.

8. Liam Neeson Trashes a Junkie In Taken

Source: 20th Century Fox

"Taken" doesn't really make much sense in real life, except for the fact that we're pretty sure that if we got on Liam Neeson's nerves enough, he would track us down with just a scrap of evidence and electrocute us after killing anybody who got in his way. But there's one scene that kind of emphasizes what a dick he can be.

About halfway through the movie, he saves a young girl forced into drug addiction and prostitution, and has her set up in a hotel, detoxing her. She gives him a lead to follow, and he follows it...ditching her in a hotel room that he paid for, in a city where she doesn't know anybody, with no money, identification, or even clothes.

Dude, really?

7. Don't Forget Your Chalk in Pan's Labyrinth

Source: Picturehouse

Even if you didn't see it, you know the Pale Man from "Pan's Labyrinth". The freaky guy with the eyes in his hands? That's the Pale Man.

If you see the movie, one thing it emphasizes is that Ofelia, our heroine, who got into his lair using a piece of chalk to draw a door, really screws up and leaves some chalk behind. You know, to the freaky child-eating monstrosity she just ticked off. She handed him a key. To her bedroom.

You'd think this would come back to bite her and you'd be...wrong! It never comes up again. Maybe he accidentally put on some hand sanitizer and had to go to the optometrist?

6. Imhotep Drops a Guard in The Mummy Returns

Source: Universal Pictures

Again, we know, not exactly a model of narrative style or coherence. But it does have an awesome scene with Brendan Fraser on a bus in London shotgunning mummies trying to eat him.

One problem: the villain revives four mummies. Brendan Fraser kills three. Where's the fourth? Is he still in London? Considering they have this tendency to, er, kill people, that's really not a good thing. Get on it, Fraser!