Nicole Kidman is Part of the Problem

October 22, 2009

In a case of the pot calling the kettle black, Nicole Kidman spoke to Congress yesterday and accused Hollywood of contributing to violence against women by portraying them as sex objects.

Nicole Kidman went to Washington D.C. as part of her role as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. She was there to beg the foreign affairs subcommittee for $1 billion to help stamp out violence against women across the world. She is hoping the Congress will pass the International Violence Against Women Act, a draft piece of legislation that has been stalled since 2007. If passed the act would require the government to “actively assist in anti-violence campaigns overseas, through both diplomacy and funding.”

The Australian actress was asked by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher if the movie industry has ''played a bad role'' and portrayed women as “weak and as sex objects.” Kidman responded, ''probably,'' but quickly added, ''I can't be responsible for all of Hollywood but I can certainly be responsible for my own career.'' Kidman also added that she thought that the film industry also tried to contribute to the solution.

The Oscar-winning actress has played a long list of interesting female characters, from Isabel Archer in The Portrait of a Lady to Virginia Woolfe in The Hours. However the role she’s most famous for is Moulin which she played a hooker.


Source: Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images