The Penalty Box Has Never Been More Hilarious

January 4, 2010

Even though I spent the better part of 2009 mocking Vancouver Canucks fans with a relentlessness usually reserved for sexually confused high school bullies or Jennifer Aniston's tragic "will somebody please marry me?" adventures, I must admit that this clip gives them a few points back in my book.

During their shockingly televised game with the Nashville Predators over the holiday season, the Canucks earned a two-minute power play when Dave "Yup, I'm still in the league" Scatchard took a penalty for goaltender interference.

That's when things took a humorous turn.

While serving his two shame-filled minutes in the sin-bin, Scatchard came across two hockey fans who decided to make his stay in the box a little less comfortable.


Source: Sportsnet British Columbia